Imperium Cognati

The largest unified block of planets in the Galaxy, consisting of about to 125,600 inhabited planets and that number that is constently expanding. There is no unified culture as most colonies follow the example of their founders, making each as unique as the last. It is presently ruled by Emperor Varrus, the latest in the unbroken line of Emperors going back to the Imperium’s founder Constantine, who has reigned for 489 years.

Following the Wars of Theism Constantine banned religious practices (monism – belief that the cosmos is a power unto itself and has no want or will to help those in need and should be left alone to save humanity from false hope prayer can bring – humanity should be the guiding light in the universe not some being that only offers vain hope and can be proved by nothing other then fiction). Though there are those who have warped this view to count the Emperor as another element of this force, or at least that the cosmic force flows through him and he is the avatar of its will. He is the light of humanity that guides them with wisdom and strength through the galaxy conquering those lost to the dark in ages past – the cosmos would have the human race united against what is to come (insert obscene prophesy here).

Common currency is the Terran Denarii (TerDs)

Imperium Cognati ranks:

Assentators – flatterers

Dubites – doubters – kept around Emperor for decision making

Imperium cognati – literal translation: empire of relatives, kinsmen

Cura – administrators

Imperium Hodiernus – empire of today

Imperium solus – the only empire

Imperium Primoris – the first, most distiquished empire

Publicani – suppliers for the army

Castrorum – work with the publicani for supplying army and fleet (munitions, food)

Dikastes – judges


First Shield – military leader of a region, usually an admiral (title rather then rank)

First Sword – Master of campaign (title rather then rank)

Legatus – commander in chief

Dux – general

Princeps – major

Navarch – admiral

Trierarch – captain

Comes – junior officer

Magister Equitum – commander of armour and ground vehicles

Magister Peditum – commander of infantry

Magister Militum – in charge of planetary garrison

Scutarius – armoured heavy shock troops

Thorakites – line troops

Marines – specialists

Hippeis – tank crews

Ekdromos – scouts

Spiculum – sniper/infiltrator

Arbitrator – police

Pilot ranks:

Eques Sidus – constellation knights

Eques Vesper – evening star knights

Eques Astrum – star knights

Eques Civis – citizen knights

Imperium Cognati

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