Human History

2300 – Great Schism – Christianity in all its forms comes together under one banner creating a huge power block. Muslim factions follow suit and withdraw from international political affairs – world is divided.

2508PS (year 1) – humans start to spread into the stars after Earth becomes too polluted to sustain its population of 20 billion.

2511PS (year 5) – First permanent human colony founded on Mars.

2512 – 4136PS (year 6-1624) – democracy of nations rules earth and those colonies within 10 light years (under the Domain act of 2598). Democracy not entered by Muslim faction who remain as a kingdom until the end of the 4th war of Theism.

2578-89 (year 72-83) – First Great War of Theism – begins after synod of Naples in 2577 decreed God the three the one and only deity in the universe and claimed space travel as his gift. Muslims and all other mainstream religions soon declared the same of their gods and due to the Great Schism of 2300 war soon broke out throughout the sector starting on Earth. So began the Dark Age of Earth where the planet records all but stop as most documents were destroyed during the following conflicts.

2620-57 – Second Great War of Theism

2703-99 – Third Great War of Theism

3233-4050 – Fourth Great War of Theism – Fracture of Democratic rule.

During the wars the Democratic panel began to break apart as planets declared their allegiance to one of the different sides. By the time of the 3rd War of Theism it consisted only of the delegates from Mars and the Americas of Earth.

4050-136 – A man named Constantine, later to become the first Emperor of the Imperium Cognati, waged war both politically and militarily on the forces of Christianity after calling for an end to the destruction and debasement of humanity that had been caused by the wars. His argument: that if gods existed then why let their chosen people suffer so for their belief in his words corrupt though they may be. After defeating the Christian forces in the final decisive Battle of Memes Constantine swept across Africa and the East purging the land of God and his texts. The end of the war is marked by Constantine’s anointment as sovereign of Earth and the human race and his declaration that all gods were false and death would meet those foolish enough to seek their guidance. It is thought that the men responsible for deciding the extent of the Emperor’s power were either in such adoration of him or simply sought to appease that rising star so that they made him sovereign over all humanity. So it is that to this day the rulers of the Imperium Cognati have seen it as their duty and privilege to expand their territory through the sectors of the Galaxy until all humanity is enveloped by their care. 4211 – The first Imperial expeditionary army takes its first world from the Misguided (the name for religious followers)

4689 – Trench Space is discovered and harnessed for travel. Viktor Vanx is the man who invented the Vanx drive that allows us to ride the tides of the Trench.

4705 – Rumours about a man constructed almost entirely of metal and augments is substantiated by inexplicable happenings that could only be attributed to such a being. The Imperium Cognati has put up with this as they have much to gain from such a creature. It was him who created the first true AI.

10048 – The Imperium Cognati conquers its 100,000th colonized world.

13178 – Imperium Cognati encounters the largest organisation of planets yet seen. The Varl Syndicate has, over the last 6000 years become a massive alliance of planets worshipping the same god. It is for this misguidance mostly that war broke out almost immediately.

13485 – Contact with Sin Dominion – uneasy relations often tipped by zealot attacks that are refuted by government.

13487 – The Emperor’s first cousin after being passed over for regency turns traitor and breaks away from the body of the Imperium creating the Imperium Solus. Has been slowly expanding eastwards.

Present (14584) – War continues between the various factions of the Galaxy with the Imperium Cognati making large advances into Varlan territory but caught off guard by a sudden Solus crusade. The Sin Dominion probes at the Imperium’s defences ready to flood through any holes created by the war to the West.

Human History

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