House Rules

New Skill(s) Trencher – IQ/Hard

Default: DX-6 or Pilot (spacecraft) – 3

Skill at traversing Trench space and seeing it’s ebbs and flows and using them to get where you want to be.

Weapons: Plasma weapons have armour divisor 10. Also count as TL 12 weapons for purposes of availability

Electro-field weapons – sw+4d(10), ST 10 – otherwise same as base weapon

Chain weapons – function as vibroblade but adds 2 to ST requirement.

2 standard types of beam weapon (update later)

Armour degeneration: If a character wearing armour takes damage enough to penetrate their defences then that section of armour is destroyed. Meaning that the armour suffers 25% loss of DR to the area of coverage per penetrating hit. Each section of body is divided into different sections that can be destroyed. If the sections in a body area are all destroyed the armour no longer protects that body part. Sections of body areas:

Head – 1

Torso – 6 (4 for chest, 2 for stomach)

Limbs (upper and lower areas are separate) – 2

Extremities – 1

New Armours Location DR Weight LC Notes
Imperial Navy Pilot Suit All 20/2* 6 2 beacon, thrusters
Imperial Navy Gun Crew All 80 40 2 helmet +10DR, Head + body add+2 to wounds
Imperial Navy Crew All 50/15 8 2 N/A
Imperial Navy Officer Chest, Arms,Groin 40* 5 1 equipped with personal shield
Arbitrator combat suit All 110/70 10 1 N/A
Light infantry combat armour Body 20* 10

House Rules

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