Jason Williams


General Description:

Age: 30

Height: 6’2”

Weight: 170 lbs

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Ethnicity: Caucasian



  • ex Communications, Security, and Information Officer, Imperium Cognati Special unit
  • Freelance “data collector” (hacker)


Born on Baldr, Jason went through his education until age 18, when he went off planet to university with his two sisters. Deciding it was not for him, he and his twin sister left to join the Imperium Cognati military. Both being talented youths, they were put in a special squad focusing on making life difficult for the enemies of the IC. After serving for 8 years, they went their separate ways. In the three years since, Jason has been working as an independent hacker.


  • Father: Kevin Williams, medical doctor, aged 73. Generally good relations, but parted on bad terms when Kevin objected to Jason’s enlistment in the army. Relationship is now awkward, but not hostile.
  • Mother: Jackline Williams, nutritionist, aged 69. Good relations, though Jason is embarrassed when she treats him like a five year old.
  • Sister: Elizabeth Sarava, attourney, aged 37. Lives on Earth with husband Jiro(36) and son Oskel(5). Good relations with all three. Jason often brought toy spaceships home for Oskel, leading the boy to believe that his uncle is, in fact, awesome.
  • Twin sister: Hera Williams, pilot, age 30. Was the “driver” in Jason’s unit in their military days, now a commercial transport ship captain. Good relations to say the least. Is currently the only family member who knows of Jason’s illegal profession.

Friends and Acquaintances:

  • Members of Military Unit:
    • Hera Williams, pilot (see above) Drove us places.
    • Fergie, demolitions Made/stopped explosions.
    • Roger LaForet, engineer, male, aged 42. Made sure the ship was flyable.
    • Mai Dianwen aka “Ricky,” spy, female, aged 29. Specialty in infiltration, subterfuge, and assassination.
    • Vladislav Nikitin, tactics, male, aged 35. Planned and oversaw missions, providing tactical support where needed.
  • Other friends:
    • Dogwood McKenzie, real name unknown, in his 30s or 40s. Contact responsible for getting jobs for Jason.


  • Currently the Imperium Cognati Gov’t. Caught Jason hacking into their systems on a job (Possible setup by his employer, whose identity is unkown)


  • Computers, engines, work, flying, playing tricks, good drink, good music


  • Being idle/having nothing to do, being tricked


  • Will avoid killing people if they are not a threat to him
  • Doesn’t believe in privacy
  • There is nothing wrong with pranks, barring major injuries.


  • Not religious, hopes humanity will find aliens someday.

Jason Williams

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