Edwin Krieg


Age: 31

Height: 5’5”

Weight: 145 lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Brown

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Homeworld: Dryell IV



  • Miner (Dryell IV colony)
  • Imperium Military Soldier


Edwin was born and raised on Dryell IV, an Imperium mining planet, to a long line of miners and labourers. His parents’ marriage was one born of financial convenience, as was Edwin. He recieved the minimum education granted by the Imperium on labour colonies such as Dryell IV, and then joined his father and his father’s father in the mines. On his 21st birthday, Edwin left the planet by the only means available to the labourers on the planet; he join the Imperium Military.

Edwin, now only referred to as Krieg, served in various military units for six years. His units were generally deployed to the outer regions, and saw relatively little action. In his sixth year of service, his unit was deplyed to assist in a planetary war on an outer trade planet. His squadron was ambushed, resulting in significant injuries to a portion of the men in his unit, and destroying a large portion of Krieg’s left shoulder and face. Due to the relative unimportance of the war, the was a shortage of supplies at the nearest medical facility. Krieg as well as one other soldiers were forced to remain to wait for the next shipment of cybernetics while their unit went ahead.

One ambush later, Krieg and his fellow soldier were left without a unit to return to, and were drafted into security for the medical unit. Krieg found the medical side of the assignment appealing, and situations often forced him to assist in emergencies. James Macellan, the head field doctor, took a liking to Edwin and requested his assisstance on future assignments. Krieg spent the last four years of his military service serving as security to temporary medical facilities, viewing many battles from the outside of a medical tent.

Near the end of his employment in the military, Edwin found an increasing dependency on the painkillers prescribed to him for the chronic pain in his shoulder and eye. After four years this dependency developed into an addiction, and Kreig was dismissed from his position in the military. He has since sought alternate career paths.


  • Father: Edwin Krieg Sr., miner on Dryell IV, aged 63. Resentment on both sides. Edwin Jr. inheirited his dislike of cybernetics due to Devyn Krieg’s condition.
  • Mother: Bevyn Krieg, none, aged 52. Good relations, but quiet when in her husband’s company. Father died when she was 20, was married to Edwin Sr. soon afterwards to survive.
  • Grandfather (father’s side): Devyn Krieg, miner on Dryell IV, aged 91. Relation unknown. Has gradually been augmented with cybernetics until he is more synthetic than organic. Does not repond to communication well.

Friends and Acquaintances:

  • James Macellan, field medic, aged 44. Father figure and mentor to Edwin during his military service.
  • A limited number of comrades from the military.


  • Imperium military: Edwin Krieg has yet to be discharged, and has charges laid against him for abusing his position in his medical unit to feed his drug addiction


  • Medicine, mechanical and biological system operation, guns


  • Slight adversion to long periods of time spent underground and cybernetics


  • Those who have killed the innocent deserve death, but he will not take it upon himself to deliver it
  • Barring the above: those who can be saved, should be saved.


  • Life is just a test to see how long you can get away without dying

Edwin Krieg

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