The Varlian Gate

The game begins: Convalescence

Jason and Krieg started the session imprisoned on the ICS Jericho while Fergie and Ormac were on the freighter Useful. The adventure began shortly about the time the scavenging teams from the Jericho discovered the hidden drug cache at which time the Useful open fire on the Jericho and the scavenging teams were ambushed by the crew. Krieg and Jason managed to escape after a failed drug-fuelled attempt to jump through a 12 inch hole in the force-field and another getting launched across the cell after fiddling with the circuits. Krieg immediately grabbed a pistol off a dead crewman and then ran through the ship and crawled through ducts to reach the sickbay where he held the entire medical staff at gunpoint, demanding painkillers to fuel the habit that put him in the brig in the first place. Jason grabbed some armour and weapons and tried to find a shuttle or escape pod. Both managed to find shuttles without being noticed as not belonging.

Meanwhile Fergie and Ormac were dealing with the crew aboard Useful. Fergie walked into a firefight between a group of military arbitrators and the crew. She chose to side with the IC soldiers out of old camaraderie and then proceeded to get her foot blown off by a beam round, though was saved by the destruction of the cargo space by one of the Jericho’s laser batteries. Ormac headed for one of the IC launches that brought the Arbitrators and killed everyone along the way, changing sides frequently until eventually being pummelled by the surviving Arbitrators guarding the launch he came across. He was dragged on board by the crew who mopped up the single IC soldier left and exited the ship. Fergie was helped by some crewmen who came across her into one of the few survival pods. Just in time as it turns out as the Useful was almost immediately ripped apart in a final flurry of the Jericho’s lasers.

The score of escape pods then had to traverse the debris field while being picked off by Interceptors. Jason had a few close calls but managed to escape with minor damages to the hull. About ten escape pods survived and the two launches of Krieg and Jason. Ormac’s fate is unknown but he is assumed deceased.

Two weeks of travel and an asteroid field later, there now eight pods and two launches came upon the planet Kalos in the southernmost region of the Gardinal Sector. They discovered a distress beacon coming from the surface. Turns out the beacon was coming from a small village on the southern continent that had formed around a crashed small cargo vessel. The villagers were a medieval society that admires technology almost to the point of worship. They had taken to following the sole survivor of the vessel, a man named Murphy Chilton. He had been repairing the ship for about a year but was missing some crucial parts that the escape pods provided. Fergie was equipped with a clunky metal foot by the local blacksmith and the surviving crew (about 70) were loaded on the now repaired ship. Just before they were about to depart a small raven haired girl came out of the woods and asked if she could come along. About as soon as the party accepted her a Kalosian Dragon stormed out of the woods and attacked the village. The huge beast tore down houses and killed a number of warriors before it was brought down by the combined arms of the party and a lucky shot down it’s neck by Lomane, the town leader. Having spilled blood for their adopted god, 6 of the village warriors offered their services as bodyguards.



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